What is Softball Strong? Softball Strong is more than simple workouts for softball players. Softball Strong is a lifestyle, an all encompassing chance for players to learn about becoming the best player they can be in all aspects of their performance training and create the opportunity for players to embrace a sport that will define them throughout their life as confident, powerful women. Softball Strong is tool for players to explore workouts outside of the box of typical cookie cutter programs that are specific to every aspect of a softball players game and position. 

"Kris's programs are awesome! They are creative, functional and effective. Her workouts are based on simple fundamentals for the beginner all the way to complex movement patterns for the competitive player. I enjoy watching her programs and anticipate what I'll see next!"

"You have upped the bar in softball training!!! Thank you for the detail you pay to your programs and our athletes!"

"I have experienced Kris' training with my team first hand and I've never seen such drastic changes to my girls playing and athleticism. Every girl has gotten faster, stronger and built endurance. Our injury rate has gone down dramatically. And they are challenged in every workout."